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iphone 6+ screen intermittently unresponsive

I brought this 2.5 year old iPhone 6+ to a local Apple authorized lab/workshop & tell
them I have this issue: they ran a diagnostics & said it's not a hardware issue & should
be an IOS issue.

My wife had since upgraded the IOS from 9.x to 10.x & I recently upgraded it to 11.2.1
& still having this intermittent issue.  The lab said if upgrading IOS did not help, may
need to wipe IOS out completely & reinstall : anyone thinks this will work?

I have quite a bit of photos, contacts & applications esp (MobileIron, licensed Mobile
threat Prevention tool) so reinstall is quite a hassle to me.

I can attach a screen shot of the diagnostics results if this helps
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
This iPhone had always been in a highly protective casing such that when our autist son
threw in onto the floor violently, it's never crack & still physically intact
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Apple could be correct and the only way you can know is to back up your documents (to iCloud is about the only way now), restore the phone to factory specs, reinstall your apps and recover your data. Yes it is a hassle.

Now they may be incorrect. I have an iPhone SE (6s) which had a bad microphone. They tried several things and I did try a full restore (at that time iTunes made it convenient), but that did not fix it. I finally had to tell Apple to either replace the microphone (not simple) or give me a new phone. They did the latter; that was a year ago, and it has worked fine since they replaced the phone.

Replacing the phone means backup and recovery so you might try it on your phone for practice.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I've done the backup & recovery before using iTunes for my wife when she switched from iPhone 5 to Iphone 6+ to iPhone 7+.

This phone is out of warranty so I can't get it replaced free.  the round Exit button always work (even when the screen is not
responding) & very often when the screen is not responding, by pressing the power button to off it & then on it back will
make the screen responds again.

I'll try a fresh reinstall as last resort.  Was told by the authorized lab that it's not the touchscreen nor the LCD issue based
on the diagnostics
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