Is this slow for FIOS?

Ping: 34 ms
Download: 16.46 Mbps
Upload: 16.63

newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAsked:
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James BunchSystems AnalystCommented:
Depends on what you pay for. Some packaging allows for faster speeds than others obviously. However there are a few things that factor into this that may change. What did you ping, is this a speed test site? The ping isn't terrible but could change depending on the server you used to ping.

The Up/Down speeds are close to each other, which is normal. Now if you are paying for, like lets say 100mb up/down, and these are your results then yes you need to contact FIOS. Give us more details on your services and we can help steer you better.
newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
I know I am paying a fortune, so if I learn they are slowing down my service, I will be ticked off.
James BunchSystems AnalystCommented:
Well they wouldn't throttle your services completely all around, just maybe to competitor sites but thats after Net Neutrality goes away but isn't a thing yet. I would just check your bill and look at the package info and see what your speeds are. If you are paying for more than, lets say 20mb up/down, then you need to talk to them. If not, then its close. They are only required to deliver you like 60-75% of your package speed before they have to act on it for repairs. Its a mess.
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