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Can someone please give me a link to a book on KCML Kerridge C Macro Language (KCML) and any info on how to develop in it please.

Started working for a company that uses it - thanks!
Andreas HagenAsked:
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If you have done searches already, then you already know the difficulty of finding books on this subject. I never heard of Kerridge macros before. But I searched, and here are the results of my findings. First what appears to be the bad news:
I worked for Kerridge from 1981 to 1999.
Those manuals only ever existed on paper.
It was passed from generation to generation by osmosis and useage.
Bob Blackshaw
and a reply to this:
. . . ensures a minority product stays that way.

And now for the good news. Well, not great good news. There is a forum which appears dead. It seems to be active around 2009-2010. Doesn't hurt to join and ask a question. In the forum are tidbits that may help you a little.

Then there is this ADP Reference Manual PDF file:
It doesn't even mention Kerridge.

Why ADP? Because KCML
is used as the main programming language used by the ADP (formerly, Kerridge) software.

So, if you have to deal with KCC files, then that link also refers to "Software to open or convert KCC files". But be careful with the links. Try to find out whether they are safe to click.

A former EE volunteer, Barry Cunney, wrote in his bio:
•      Designed and programmed EDI applications which interfaced with core applications
Developed interface applications using KCML (a language developed by Kerridge – Kerridge C Macro language – a language based on the C language with syntax very similar to Visual Basic) which constructed EDI files in various formats, including EDIFACT and transmitted such files via FTP.

You could always try to send him a message and see if he has some old notes. Barry was active on EE about a year ago in late 2016. Here's one of his last accepted posts:

If the forum is still active, you may be able to reverse engineer existing code:
A forum for users and developers of ADP/Kerridge KCML. This site is NOT affiliated in any way with ADP/Kerridge or any of it's subsidiaries. Our goal is to provide KCML users with an information outlet.
Notice the use of ADP in the above quote. Maybe that PDF file will help after all.

Example KCML Code (after registering, you may be able to enter):

KCML Toolset:

Good luck in carrying on the KCML Legend!
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