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Central Syslog configurations

LBTechSol asked
I am looking for a solution that will allow for central logs to be collated from any/all local devices.

I have been tasked with looking at ELK-Stack & Kibana but wondered if anyone has information/white papers or completed this before? somthing like:   This

thanks in advance.
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Systems Engineer
I would look into NxLog Community Edition as a collection agent.

I use it to collect Exchange Message Tracking logs into Graylog (another variant of and ELK stack.)

Also, if needed, you can also utilize Log4Net in PowerShell since PS can instantiate .NET Framework assemblies.  Log4Net can communicate directly with a Syslog service and you can control the message pattern with the Log4Net config file.

With Log4Net, you can use multiple appenders at the same time.  So you could "log" the same message (at the same time) to the console and a log file and to a syslog service.

I use PS and Log4Net in scripts that execute thru a job scheduler and track the script's results via dashboards in Graylog.

Reference Links:
- NxLog tech reference:  https://nxlog.co/documentation
- PowerShell using Log4Net:  https://www.vioreliftode.com/index.php/powershell-logging-using-apache-log4net/
- Log4Net config reference:  https://logging.apache.org/log4net/release/config-examples.html

LBTechSolOperations Director


Thanks Dan,
I will take a look at your suggestions and will no doubt be back with more questions. Thank you for responding with so much information and URLs for reference