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If the user have been creating different rules in Outlook 2016 (connected to Exchange Server) and if I create a new Outlook profile (due to OST file corruption), would those existing rules in previous Outlook profile show up in newly created Outlook profile?
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System Engineer
Only if the rules are server side rules would they carry over. Odds are they are local rules and it's always best to back them up just in case. Here is how you can back them up and import them.

Home > Rules > Options. In the Options window, click Export Rules and choose a file location

Home > Rules > Options. In the Options window, click Import Rules and choose a file location


 A typical rule that users create the most is like this:
 If the subject contains "INVOICE", then move them to Inbox\INVOICE folder.
 If the sender's email address is "", move them to Inbox\Vendors\ABC Company folder.

 How do you differentiate local rules from server side rules?
SeanSystem Engineer
Usually depends on where the rule was created. If it was created in outlook then it will most likely (with a few execptions) be client side rules. If it was created in OWA it will be a server side rule.

some of the exceptions will be:
 -Changing the importance of a message
 -Moving the incoming message to a specific folder on the user’s mailbox
 -Deleting a message

Some rules cannot be server side and some cannot be client side. It just really depends on the action being taken.

here is some additional info

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