Can loading 3rd Party Marketing pixels in an iFrame Container Slow Website Down?

We have a page that loads a bunch of 3rd party pixels in an iFrame. A member of the IT team complained that one of these pixels is taking a very long time to load, which it is. He said it is slowing down our website. The pixels all run in an iframe container, so this shouldn't impact the speed of the parent page at all, should it? I've been looking for documentation on the web to prove this but haven't found any yet. Am I correct and if so any URLs to supporting data would be appreciated.

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aranaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
While iframes already load without interfering with your main page, they do stop the onload event of the page from being called until they are fully loaded, so this may appear to slow down your page loading time. You would have to add the iframe code dynamically after your page is loaded, or wait until after the onload event and then specify iframe source.
894359Author Commented:
This only happens (pixels firing) after the page loads and based on a specific event.
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