What is the best rated EMM program that would be ideal for an enterprise retail store ?

Chadd Bush
Chadd Bush used Ask the Experts™
We currently have MaaS360 and want to come away from that due to the limited functionality and lack of helpful features. We would require something that provides more control over the device. So that we can allow and restrict apps as necessary.

EDIT: We also push 3 apps currently and would require that feature as well. Something does a fairly good job at auditing the devices within the company.
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Have you considered the Android Management Suite from Google?

Are the apps in-house or Google Play apps?

Do you need secure connectivity back to your enterprise?

Do you prefer a cloud service?

Do you have any other requirements such as managed smartphones for your other users?

What is your budget?
Have you looked at AirWatch by VMWare - https://www.air-watch.com
Currently the market leader

if these are devices in retail etc. then SOTI is another vendor.

if.youre using Samsung devices, then their.Knox configure and ADD EMM platform.is also good.
Chadd BushIT Systems Administrator


I need something for Android and iphone. I wasn't told much on the budget but will find out today from management. Basically it has to be cheaper than MaaS360 but not sure if that helps necessarily.

SOTI seems to be pretty good and  so we'll hopefully be giving this a test run this week.

Has anyone heard of Certero ? Seems to be a UK based company with pretty good product ratings offering a similar service.

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