Problems with object fills in Adobe Illustrator CC

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I am not sure why one of the objects will not fill in on the art board. Maybe the uploaded word file will explain the issue. I can not upload the ai file. Thank you.
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This part of the drawing is a compound path like a few others. Compound paths make a see-through hole in shapes. (Like the inner circle of the letter O).

Try to go: Objects > Compound Path > Release for only this object. If it does not succeed, cut it and paste with Cmd/Ctrl + F on a new layer (and then release compound if you have to.
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Release is grayed out.
Try the second part of the suggestion. Cut this object off and paste it Cmd+F onto a new layer. "Paste remembers layers" in the Layer panel option has to be turned off.

(If you move the object partly into the camera, does it not make a hole?)

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