Cannot view shared Mailboxes Calendar Permissions

In my organization we gave a few users Full permissions to various shared mailboxes, one thing they do with this Full access is assign calendar permissions to their staff.  At some point the ability to view what employee's have access to the calendar, through OWA, stopped working.  The manager would do this by logging into OWA, Select "Open Another Mailbox" and then find the shared mailbox.  Once the shared mailbox is open they will go to the Calendar and right click "calendar" then select "Permissions".  Normally a pane on the right would open showing all the users who have access to the calendar and what level of permissions they have.  Now it just pops up with an error that says: The Action Could not be Completed.  You're request couldn't be completed.  Http Status Code 500. (Photos Attached)

Through the shell I can still manage the permissions of the calendar but the manager used to be able to manage it themselves through OWA.  If I assign myself full access to the shared mailbox I also experience the same issue.

I've also attached a picture of what Should be coming up.

Please help!  Thank you!
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

This can be resolved by triggering this command "Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity <user>:\Calendar -PublishEnabled:$True -PublishDateRangeFrom ThreeMonths -PublishDateRangeTo SixMonths -DetailLevel LimitedDetails"

But you said your manager isn't feasible with that as he is trying to use via OWA. If so, try the steps from this thread and see if it helps?
Naveen SharmaCommented:
One try to reinstall IIS.

I think this issue occurs if the user isn't the mailbox owner.
SDISupportAuthor Commented:
Radhakrishnan, it looks like your command is for publishing the calendar.  This calendar is already shared and viewable by our employee's, the issue we are having is updating the permissions through OWA.  We can edit the permissions through the shell and outlook but not OWA.  Am I missing something in your instructions?
SDISupportAuthor Commented:
Naveen in this scenario I created the account and am the owner of it, I myself also cannot view the permissions through OWA either.  I am hoping to avoid re-installing IIS but will do if necessary.
Naveen SharmaCommented:
Post back if you have any query.
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