Getting data off a laptop drive - I can browse the recovery partiton and it sees win partition but nothing else

Got a dell laptop from 2008. it doesn't boot.  Took out the hard drive.  put it in external dock to a win 10 machine.  Made 'unusual' scratching noises and an E and F drive came up. Couldn't browse them.

Crystal Drive info didn't see the root drive.

I put it in the freezer overnight.  

No scratching noice noise now - I can browse the recovery partition.  Windows shows an F partition but can't browse it / click on F and windows says F:\ is not accessible the parameter is incorrect.

Any thoughts short of a clean room type of service?

install it internally to a PC?
Booting in linux?

Crystal Disk info data is attached - takes a few minutes after clicking on the drive to get info

Windows disk manager says F drive is RAW.  E drive (recovery partition) is NTFS Healthy

I guess a partition recovery software.
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Andrew LeniartConnect With a Mentor Senior EditorCommented:
I guess a partition recovery software.

A good guess, but if the drive has physical damage, (which by what you described as unusual scratching noises) then you could do more harm using software recovery than good.  Once a mechanical drive starts making weird noises like that, then, unfortunately, a clean room is your best bet.

If you're determined to try a software solution though, then I've had a lot of success using Easus recovery software in the past.  You can try before you buy, but it will only show you what it can recover. You'll need to purchase to actually do any recovery.  Simply attach the drive as a slave on a computer using either a drive USB adapter or attach directly to a PC as a slave. It's a laptop drive so adapters will be required either way.

There's a ton of others to try too.. Just do a search.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks. yeah, I'm using Easus and it's working.    Found lots of 'files'.  Have to see if it's anything usable.
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