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I have 2 routers in my home: in the basement i have my main Verizon Fios router and i installed another Trendnet router on the 1st floor which is wired to the main router by a patch cable. i have ipads, iphones and an nexus 6 smartphone which runs Android.
i don't get reliable internet connections on any device and a lot of times it just disconnects altogether.
i think it has to do with security settings on the routers. i don't know which ones to use. i just want a good connection.
can anyone recommend routers security levels so that all devices work?
thank you
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Mal OsborneConnect With a Mentor Alpha GeekCommented:
Your problem is probably layer1, not a security issue. Generally for a home environment the best option would be to use WPA2/PSK.

For a 2 story house you should get pretty good coverage with 2 WAPs, unless you live in a mansion with steel lined walls or something. My guess would be that you have multiple devices on the same channel. Each of the two WAPs needs to be on a different channel, that is not getting a strong signal from other devices. It is plausible that a device distant from either WAP gets a stronger signal from the neighbours WIFI than yours; this will obviously cause problems.

I suggest you obtain some appropriate software, scan the area for other WIFI bases, and choose two non interfering channels. I use "WIFI Analyser", a free and simple to use Android app for this.
stevedantonioAuthor Commented:
thank you!
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