want to watch continuous movie

windows 10 laptop
when not plugged into to charging outlet
and connected via hdmi cable to tv
in 4 minutes screen saver (or blank screen) goes on computer
tv disconnects
and I need to press key in order to reconnect

Difficult to watch a movie on vlc program when i need to press key every 4 minutes

Please dont tell me to find charger because I have no where to plug in
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yo_beeConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
You need to adjust your power settings.
Go to settings > power & sleep > change from  sleep setting from 4 mins to 4 hours
On a laptop you should see along with "When Plugged" in you should also see  "When Unplugged"

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
You'll need to disable two features — the screen turn-off feature and the screen saver feature:

(1) Screen turn-off:

Power & Sleep
On battery power, turn off after
Click the drop-down and pick Never

It shouldn't be necessary, but you may also want to set the Sleep>On battery power to Never.

(2) Screen saver:

Lock screen
Screen saver settings
Screen saver
Click the drop-down and pick (None)

That should do it! Regards, Joe
Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

Make a copy of the balanced power settings and call it 'Movies'

Adjust the settings for blank screen and sleep to 4 hours.

Select this power setting when watching movies.
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RaminConnect With a Mentor Technical AdvisorCommented:
You may need to Disable / uninstall Asus Power Management Utility.
rgb192Author Commented:
Thank you for power plan, management utility, screenshots.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome — enjoy your movies!
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