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Error in Zabbix email configuration

Dear Experts, I configured Zabbix to send alert email when there is a problem but got this error. Could you please suggest?

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This is my setting, username/pass is correct:
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Are you sure you are using the correct Connection Security with the correct port number?
Quite common to use SSL/TLS.

that's the only thing i can think of.
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Check for missing ssl lib on that server. Is ZABBIX installed via package ? Please more details about machine
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Hi, no I installed the Zabbix as an appliance, that is an VM running on Vsphere 4.1
please test from the zabbbix Appliance following:
telnet <SMTP Server> 587
enter "ehlo <SMTP Server helo>"

Open in new window

Please share the respond in terminal.
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Hi, please see the result below

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good troubleshoot, no reply from initiator