where can I download a free article template program?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

              After reviewing a commercial article creation tool at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJWX13JPFc , I began wondering if there is a program which is similar or equivalent to it which can be downloaded and installed for free.  

               Any lead or leads will be greatly appreciated.

               Thank you

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Hello George

At the risk of sounding very opinionated and negative I would suggest that you steer clear of "instant article creation" template applications.  I believe that you would be demeaning yourself by doing so.  I remember reading a couple of your questions from quite a while ago in which you were looking for ways to get academic or technical articles published in magazines.  One of the suggestions was to start off writing articles on your own blog until you created a following of subscribers who wanted to read more, and then use that as a springboard into magazines.

I watched the video you linked to and I have to say that I took an immediate dislike to the whole concept behind the http://instantarticlefactory.com article creation templates.  The Internet is already choked up with practically useless "top tips" type of articles "written" by non-experts to the extent that I would describe most of the content as clickbait spam.

In the video the person pulls up a "Top 3 Tips" template and decides to generate an article on "effective weight loss".  The underlying motive is not to supply quality suggestions about weight loss based on scientifically accurate information, it is to create sufficiently "unique" content along with a number of associated synonyms that will be identified by search engines, and will direct people searching for knowledgeable weight loss information to the article.

I stopped watching the video when the person demonstrating the article generator gave, as the first valuable top for weight loss, to "drink lots of water".

As we all know, increased body weight can be an indicator of a number of underlying conditions ranging from Hypothyroidism (underactive Thyroid Gland - sometimes due to cancer) to Cushing's syndrome (adrenal glands produce excess cortisol) to depression to certain medications including high blood pressure drugs.  Most notably weight gain can be caused by various kinds of cancer within organs in the abdomen.

Creating a "Top 3 Tips" article on effective weight loss and taking a stab at 3 methods to lose weight, as demonstrated by the video, is not only irresponsible but creates valueless and uninformed content.

The thing I object to the most about the article template being demonstrated are the canned phrases in between the fields that can apply to anything at all:
"While .... , it is always essential that you do things the right way.  If you do not, the outcomes can be devastating.  Chances are you'll find yourself .... , and even .... . Listed here are three great tips on how to protect against that from occurring .... " etc, etc.

The demonstrator suggests that the article generator templates help you create "unique content".  I disagree.  They help you create the same old  crap as a lot of other people who are simply trying to capture web traffic for monetary gain without regard to the accuracy or usefulness of the content.  I did a Google search for some of the canned phrases mentioned above and found a page on a Swedish website that reads as follows:

While essay writing, it is always essential you do things the correct way. If you do not, the outcomes can be devastating. Chances are you will find yourself frustrated in school without being getting the grades you need or expect, and even getting failing your classes.

The rest of the page may as well comprise the old "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ..." space filler content generated by a Lorem Ipsum generator.

OK, so I am fully aware that the quality of content is only as good as the input by the writer, and in the example the demonstrator has simply grabbed a random topic off the top of his head, but my personal opinion is that if somebody is unable to structure an article from scratch without canned phrases they should think carefully about whether they should be posting articles at all.

I can see some value in using templates to create the general layout for an article, and even using it as a tool to instantly generate synonyms and related word tags rather than looking them up on www.thesaurus.com, but once the user has a feel for the layout I see no real reason to keep using templates other than to create crappy search engine compliant and attention grabbing, but otherwise void, "articles" in as short a time as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, I think you would be demeaning yourself by relying on an article generator for a task that I am quite sure you could do better yourself from scratch.

Of course, this is just my own personal opinion.

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Bill,

           This is certainly uncustomary here for me to accept a response which was not a direct answer to the question at hand.   Perhaps it is best that it turned out this way though because of your convincing and compelling arguments against using article template software and services.   Throughout my entire life, I have taken a certain amount of pride in my accomplishments, big or small, because of the hard work, time, and creativity needed to get to that point.  Thank you Bill for reminding me that short-cuts are not always the answer and often undermine the importance of quality output of work.   With that said, I need to start my writing agenda with what I already know and independent of what some type of article template says that I should say.  In short, my writing needs to be a product of individualism, creativity, and research to help capture accuracy and truthfulness of content.

               In closing, thanks Bill for reminding me of some important considerations of writing.  For a moment, I believe I was starting to lean toward the wrong path.  I think I understand the the concept of what is needed now.  The next step will be implementation which will take further independent thought.

Thank you George.  I am confident that you will create some very interesting, informative, accurate, and truly unique articles.
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