AUTOMATOR not resizing :-(

After I select 1 or more images in finder, I'm trying to get automator to automate the remaining processes:

1. resize the selected images to 550 pixels wide (preserving the originals).  
2. rename them with a suffix of "_550", and then  
3. move them into a SUB-folder of the current folder named "resized" if it exists, and create it if it doesn't exist.

I found a blog post example which was supposed to copy images into a subfolder, resize and rename them but I couldn't get it to work.  Pictured below is what I was doing.  It did copy selected images into the subfolder but it didn't rename or resize them.

In any event, with the clarity of a good night's sleep behind me, I realize that even if I got that automator below to work, if the sub-folder already existed and had images inside, this script would re-resize them in addition to the newly selected one because it's using a "get folder contents" method.

So, I'm struggling with how resize and rename the selected images in the same folder without overwriting the originals, create a subfolder without throwing up an error if it exists, and then copying the renamed images into that subfolder.

What methods could be used for this purpose?

Thanks a bunch for any suggestions.  I'm so frustrated having spent hours on this last night without success.


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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

I think you're making it over-complex .. and Automator image resize is not very flexible as it just resizes the larger dimension to 550

There are 2 options I'd recommend

1. Use a proper image resize tool such as : EasyBatchPhoto -

2. Do it with AppleScript rather than Automator as it has MUCH more control and use the "sips" command which is much more accurate
Create a NEW Automator application and just add ONE panel called "Run AppleScript" and paste the code from the article below
Open AppleScript Editor and put the code in there and save it as an app

The best code I've found to do what you're looking for is here .. this one will actually prompt you to set the size you want to scale for every batch you drop .. you can hardcode 550 as the width if you want
mike2401Author Commented:
Thanks so much!  Great info !!!
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