Can You Remote Access Into a Smart TV?

My parents just bought a Smart TV. They've been having trouble navigating it. They live several states away and do not have a smart phone or tablet to Skype/FaceTime me and show what they see and what they're having trouble with.

Is it possible for me to remote access into their smart TV through WiFi to walk them through navigation?
Erin WooddellContent Marketer & CopywriterAsked:
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Lucas BishopConnect With a Mentor Click TrackerCommented:
LG Provides an app to manage all of their Smart TVs from a mobile device:

However, I expect you need to be on the local wi-fi network and looking at the TV for it to be useful. That app looks fairly bare bones too. Doubt you'd be able to do any 'setup' through it.

There are other 3rd party apps that have more "remote control" features, ie:

With all of the above, you'd need to be on their local wi-fi though. That would mean you'd need to VPN into their local network.

Here are the specs on that TV:

Here is the app store at LG:

Most of the apps are media consumption related. I don't see anything for administration, but you may want to dig in as I only glanced.

It has SmartShare features.

Here are the details on SmartShare:

Appears to only give you the option of controlling what's shown on the TV, from a device on the same Wi-Fi network (ie. stream from an external device to it). Kind of like a Chromecast. I assume no ability to setup the TV. Not what you are looking to do.
atlas_shuddered mentioned how TeamViewer is installed on Phillips TVs by default. They basically have a TeamViewer app built into the TVs. Can your parents exchange the LG for a Phillips? :D

I don't see a TeamViewer app in the LG app store. However, there is a built-in web browser on the TV.

You might be able to get TeamViewer, through the TV's web brower, to allow you to have remote desktop access. However, you'd have to walk your parents through:
- Setting up a TeamViewer account
- Connecting to you through via the TV's browser
- Enabling remote desktop control
Erin WooddellContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
Great idea about the app, Stacy. I will give them a call this evening and see if they can install that on their TV.

That's a good point, Atlas, that if I could access it, someone else probably could as well. May just be a good opportunity to have them learn how to navigate it. But thank you for the info
Nichole LaRueConnect With a Mentor Marketing OperationsCommented:
This link might help them. LG seems like they have a pretty easy initial flow:

Also, knowing what features they want to be able to use? IE if you know they want to use Netflix you can help them find the button that launches it and asks for their account info.
Erin WooddellContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Lucas and Nichole, for the great resources. I wondered about being on their local WiFi for some of those apps to work. Will definitely look into TeamViewer - even with the set up process - if it means helping them out. :) Thanks again!
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