Could you explain what is needed to prevent this CakePHP .env error ?

Hi Experts

Could you explain what is needed to prevent this CakePHP .env error ?
I created a .env accordingly is called - then used a some examples  I get from the .net, no success.
Could you suggest what is needed?

Thanks in advance
Eduardo FuerteAsked:
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Steve BinkCommented:
I did not find any references to your error in that source either.  However, I did notice in the error text that your .env file should be one level up from the config directory.
Steve BinkCommented:
What other code do you have running in this application?

A search of the most recent CakePHP repo does not yield any results on that particular error message.  Additionally, since CakePHP added .env support as an option for developers, I would find it very odd for Cake to present a fatal error if it found something it didn't like.  I'm guessing this is somewhere in the application code.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:

The code was obtained here.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:

I downloaded the project again and run a composer update
A file ".env.example" went in the project - outside \config\ , I renamed it to ".env."  and complete some DB informations.
The error desapeared.

Thanks for help!
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