Software to compare/list differences between 2 Excel spreadsheets

I have two Excel spreadsheets that are basically identical to each other except that one is a more recent revision that the other.

What software/methods can I use to determine exactly what the differences are between the two Excel 2016 spreadsheets?
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Bill PrewCommented:
If you need something more robust and easy to use, it's probably not going to be free.  There are some paid products available that do this well, like:

The only free one I ever explored is below, and it worked decent on some files I tried, others not quite as well.  You might want to try it on yours.

Bill PrewCommented:
What version of Excel do you have, if 2013 or 2016 Professional, or Office 365 ProPlus then it comes with "Spreadsheet Compare" that you can use.

Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
When I was at Microsoft, be used Beyond Compare.

And over 2 years later I'm still using it.
I have two Excel spreadsheets
Do you mean that you have two Excel workbooks that you need to compare, two worksheets (within the same workbook) to compare, or two worksheets (in different workbooks) to compare?
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