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Measuring Performance and Progress in a team?

hi guys,

I'm currently managing an IT Operations team. I've been asked by our new head to come up with a way for me/us to measure in some shape or form their progress on a weekly basis.

We use Zendesk for our ticketing system which is very comprehensive. He wants us to find a way of knowing, how many particular jobs were started, closed, including things such as 'what got in the way?'. Along with that, he wants to know a way of measuring project progress in a similar way.

Do you guys have any measuring methods that you use at your work places? Or advised others on how to better do something similar?

Thanks for helping
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This is absolutely superb. I wanted a high overview like you have sent to me. For going into more details, I would have to start with something and give you feedback and open up a new job:).

Thanks for helping out.
You're welcome Yashy! I'm glad I could help and thanks for the compliments and points!