How to use Microsoft font in Mac OSX

Chris Kenward
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I have Word for the Mac and it has a font I would like to use in Adobe Photoshop for the Mac. However, the font is not in the Mac's Font Book and all the alternative versions on the web are not quite the same as the one embedded in Word.

How do I either export from the Windows compatible folder or use somehow the Edwardian Script font on the Mac? Any help appreciated.

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Did you try copying the font, you would like to transfer from Windows, to USB memory stick and installing the font in your MAC?
If Edwardian Script is working for you in in Word, the font is most likely at this path: YourHardDisk/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Edwardian Script ITC.
Move this font out of the Microsoft folder, so the path will be: YourHardDisk/Library/Fonts/Edwardian Script ITC.
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Thanks for the quick responses folks - much appreciated!

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