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Hi Experts,

Please see attached. We have an SP site that links to a site that allows our HR dept to create a new user request. All users can access the site but no function buttons. We need to assign specific users to have access to the function buttons but don't know how. Browsed in IIS Right click the site (folder) add full access under under security, added the user as a contributor to the site. Not sure if this is share point or something different we need to do. We as administrators have access to the site with the functions buttons. As a baseline, we have one user that has access to the function buttons but cannot locate any folder or site or anything where we find his name to add an additional user. Any help would be appreciated.
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Derek SouterConnect With a Mentor ITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
this looks like you have a 3rd party application (could just be some custom web design within SharePoint) that has been added on top of that ancient version of SharePoint (it even predates my SharePoint experience)

have you checked the NTFS permissions on the folders where the default.aspx file resides? - you might get lucky!

within the default.aspx file, it should show you where the button code goes - you may have to reverse engineer the code to figure out how to give new users permission to carry out the same tasks

I assume there is little to no documentation on how the SharePoint was implemented?
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
There seems to be a mixing of SharePoint and an IIS web site here. They are two separate entities and controlling access in one does not have anything do with access in the other. From the description, they are just linked, using a hyperlink I would think.

Also, to control access to SharePoint, use SharePoint and not IIS, in case that is one thing you are trying.

Hope that helps...
Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
If this is in a SharePoint site, do not do anything within IIS - you are almost certain to break it

you would need to make any changes within SharePoint central administration, or in the site collection configuration (you would need to be a farm or site collection administrator)

do you know which version of SharePoint you are using?
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jaya31Author Commented:
Hi Derek,

Yes, using Sharepoint 2.0 (old, using it for legacy apps left behind by previous admin). I combed through the share point settings for sites, users, permissions, links,  I don't see anything. The one user that is able to access those buttons on the site, I don't see him anywhere. I gave rights to the corresponding folder in for the site in IIS, that didn't do anything so I put everything the way it was.

All users can access the site, they see everything which is fine. However like I explained we need certain users to see those two buttons. Only Admins and the one user can see it.
Background - HR clicks the - new user button and completes the form, submits it, the form is then sent to a different depart and moved along to 4 depts. until user creation is completed.
 It feels like those buttons are outside of sharepoint and iis. But when I hover over the button, it points to the same server IIS  and SharePoint is on (see attached). Is some program moving those forms along? Please see attached and let me know if that helps or any other thoughts you can give.

jaya31Author Commented:

I checked the default.aspx file and the first line referred to a vb script file in the same directory. When I opened script file the one user was in script file and I had to add the new user and button comes up now. The aspx file is referencing the script file for permissions among other things. Going use this for now, until we find a replacement solution.

Thank you very much for your help and pointing me in the right direction.
jaya31Author Commented:
This solution was the best and pointed me in the direction to fix the issue.
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