Upgrading Comware 5 firmware on an HP switch with remote TFTP server

I am upgrading the Comware 5 firmware on HP 5120 switches HP 5120-48G-PoE+ EI Switch Product # JG237A. In the past I have upgraded them with they are offline.  I would use my laptop as a TFTP server, connect it to a port on the switch, and put my laptop IP address and switch management IP address on the same subnet. I would use the following commands (for example):

delete /unreserved flash:/<firmware>

tftp <IP Address> put flash:/<firmware>

boot-loader file flash:/<firmware>



Would I be able to do this with a live HP 5120 switch connected to the production network and grab the firmware off a live tftp server on the production network?

Please help. Thank you.
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You should be able to, yes. And you're already following all of the correct steps to do it. Here's an article to back you up: https://looppacket.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/upgrade-firmware-and-bootrom-on-hp-a5120/
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