set RDP session timeout

Hi I wanted to set the red session timeout for all users who disconnect the session.  And also I want to keep a single user always logged in to run the applications.  

I have manged to set the rep session timeout  by gp,  but all the applications are got closed.  So is there anyway to exception  for service  account.
Somanathreddy HaridasIt managerAsked:
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Change whatever you are running in a user login session for the service  account to a Service with NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager
This way you do not need the service account to be logged on
Somanathreddy HaridasIt managerAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the question title is RDP session timeout
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Applications should not run as a logged on user, it should run as a service
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