OWA no more responding


I replace our Lancom 883 modem-router by a new one Lancom 1783. Since this moment the OWA service of exchange server is no more working.

We can go https://IP-adress/owa >>> I have the connection form >>> but the next form is inaccessible : see joined picture.

Any idea is welcome
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAsked:
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Hassan NOUR EL DINEConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Problem is gone after restarting the server.
Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
No picture is attached.

I'd check the settings between the old router and the new one.

Can you access OWA internally?

Make sure all Exchange services are running.
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I checked the settings between old and new router >>> same.

No i can't access OWA internally. By internally i mean on the server http://ip-adress/owa. is it right ?
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Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
correction : https://ip-adress/owa.
Valentina PerezConnect With a Mentor Exchange ServersCommented:
Hi Hassan

Could you check with the following site: https://localhost/owa in the Exchange server.

Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I solve the problem by myself
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