SCCM SCUP publishing error - can't download some updates -UPDATED with screenshots

Published some critical updates from SCUP.
SCCM synchronized the updates but I can't download them.
Looking in the update properties in SCCM, the content locationBad Location   points to a folder that doesn't exist Folder Doesn't Exist in SCCM WSUS-CONTENT. - explains why I can't download.
I just did a SCUP publish with another new update and the proper folder was createdNew SCUP Publish Creates correct folder.. - and I could download.
If I try to republish the first updates from SCUP, it says the the updates were already published and I can't re-publish them. Can't re-publish update from SCUP
1. What would have caused this?
2. Can I delete the updates in SCCM and re-publish them from SCUP. -Could I delete the folders in WSUSContent?
3. How do I re-publish them with the correct folder and name?

..or if I'm asking the wrong questions - how do I get these updates to publish, sync, and download properly

If I couldn't publish now, I'd think there was something wrong with my setup.  It only affected the 4 critical driver updates that I need to push asap.

These are kind of critical, so I don't want to experiment by deleting folders willy-nilly.

sy wittnetwork engineerAsked:
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Pankaj KumarSystems SpecialistCommented:
What is the error you are getting while trying to download the updates. Check out  PatchDownloader.log file for any errors.

Also you may try below things once.

1. Uncheck respective product from Product list in SUP configuration and  Initiate Update Sync
2. Check respective product again and Initiate Update Sync.

Log file reference -->
sy wittnetwork engineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  

This ended up with needing support from Microsoft.  There were multiple issues as a result of the latest SCCM upgrade. They had 2 engineers who worked over a period of 2 weeks!
sy wittnetwork engineerAuthor Commented:
thanks!  Microsoft needed to get involved.
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