Migrating from FRS to DFS Replication after raising domain/forest levels to 2008 from 2003

We have are having an issue with SYSVOL replication, we believe that it is related to a couple of things:

- domain/forest functional levels were set to 2003 even though there are NO 2003 servers/DC's in the environment
- using FRS versus DFS replication as it should be

I have raised the domain/forest functional levels from "Windows Server 2003" to "Windows Server 2008"

I am now looking at migrating from FRS to DFS Replication.

It should be mentioned that both DC's are running Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 Standard editions

Thoughts on this as I have never attempted this before...

Michael WAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
My thoughts are "don't do it."

Migrating from FRS to DFS-R is absolutely a good thing. As is raising the functional level.  ***BUT***

These should only be done when replication is HEALTHY.  If replication is unhealthy then bad things happen when you make changes, as those changes don't replicate properly.

In short, fix the existing problems before making new changes.  That means actually finding out why SYSVOL has issues (you didn't go into detail there) and fixing them within the realm of the existing setup.
Michael WAuthor Commented:
I am seeing the following when running 'dcdiag', any thoughts on this or other things that I can check?


Directory Server Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   Trying to find home server...
   Home Server = xxxxxx2
   * Identified AD Forest.
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\xxxxxx2
      Starting test: Connectivity
         ......................... xxxxxx2 passed test Connectivity

Doing primary tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\xxxxxx2
      Starting test: Advertising
         ......................... xxxxxx2 passed test Advertising
      Starting test: FrsEvent
         There are warning or error events within the last 24 hours after the
         SYSVOL has been shared.  Failing SYSVOL replication problems may cause
         Group Policy problems.
         ......................... xxxxxx2 failed test FrsEvent


         An error event occurred.  EventID: 0x0000272C
            Time Generated: 01/10/2018   15:45:13
            Event String:
            DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer x.x.x.x using
 any of the configured protocols; requested by PID     2530 (C:\Windows\system32\dcdiag.exe).
         An error event occurred.  EventID: 0x0000272C
            Time Generated: 01/10/2018   15:45:34
            Event String:
            DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer x.x.x.x using
 any of the configured protocols; requested by PID     2530 (C:\Windows\system32\dcdiag.exe).
         ......................... xxxxxx2 failed test SystemLog
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
As Cliff mentioned, I would troubleshoot your FRS first.  There isn't much information to go on as to how your migration went from 2003 to 2012.  Are the computers that DCOM is complaining about computers that don't exist anymore (Former DCs), or are they your current DCs.

If they are former DCs, you may need to do a metadata cleanup of the old DC objects.  https://www.petri.com/delete_failed_dcs_from_ad

If it is an FRS issue, then there are many FRS troubleshooting articles you can find by googling.  Here's a Microsoft one: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727056.aspx

Ensure if you have host base firewalls, that they are blocking anything.

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Michael WAuthor Commented:
I am looking to engage Microsoft as I ran FRSDiag.exe and believe that this is a little above my pay grade to resolve.

Thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated!!

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