VMWare workstation as hypervisor?



This is the idea:


*I buy a HP Microserver Gen10 x3421 with 16GB for about 600 Euro (what is the price of a Synology DS 918+ with 12 GB ram), it will replace my DS414 Synology (4 harddisks)

*Microserver has no ILO, so I would attach it to TV in living room (Microserver would be really silent I heard,

So I can use TV not only for configuring HP Microserver but also to play movies, f.e. which are offered on webpages (was already looking to do that)

*configure Micoserver with RAID 5 (maybe attach SD card instead of cd rom but there is no option to attach it(?))

*install Windows 2016 server, but with VMWare Workstation, this way I can play with both hypervisors (disable VMWare workstation if I would want to play with Hyper-V)

*a (Windows 2016) server has 3 sessions so I could easily connect remotely without impacting somebody who is watching tv

*install XPENology on VMWare Workstation (there is no XPEnology 6.1 for hyper-v) and create a big volume on RAID5 just for my data, guess that would be ntfs

*vmware workstation can be started when windows start and xpenology can also automatically start
*I recover a full backup from my synology to this XPENology and I should be good to go
*3 main users at home/remote: forget any config on local machine(s), they just connect to this server and all config is there :-)
(1 console session for tv, 2 rdp sessions)
*any update from XPEnology, I can test in a new vm before updating my "main vm"
*monitoring of storage can be done by Windows server (HP pack to install(?)

-are all my assumptions above correct? this looks to me best of all worlds (vm/hyper-v, remote accesses, xpenology, performance, update possibilties)
-is vmware workstation (currently have 12.5) a valid hypervisor for this home setup, since it WILL (xpenology) contain all my data

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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:
Not sure if the VMs would affect watching movies etc. if run at the same time - depends on CPU core allocation etc.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Yes, all seems plausible. If you want a complicated life, with lots of complex Tech, to get your head round....

RDP is not ideal to watch TV, it's laggy. End User Experience is poor. It's not design for Flash, let alone 25/30 fps TV, and also sound is poor.

But I would not connect a PC to a TV in my living space, PITA. Poor codes, poor performance

SmartTV are the present, inbuilt Droid, with streaming Apps and KODI! SPTV! [Free Streams!], PLEX, and all the other FREE To Air Channels, AMAZON, Netflix, NOW TV, RED BULL TV, etc

Current version of VMware Workstation is 14, but remember it's a Type 2 Hypervisor, e.g. an application installed ontop of an OS, Hyper-V is a Type 1 Hypervisor.

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