Does anyone know of a good source to purchase new or used Lenovo Chromebook parts?

I contacted Lenovo to purchase an FRU part of 01AV968.  This FRU is a motherboard for a Lenovo 11e 3rd Generation Chromebook.  Lenovo or their Encompass do not have the board.  A number on the board is DALI8BMB6H0 REV: H.   I have tried several suppliers to no avail.  If anyone has any suggested suppliers for this motherboard, it would be greatly appreciated.
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A Google search gave me what I expected.  There are some available on eBay and from some online resellers of used parts.  That's been my experience with laptop motherboards in general.  I find them to be rarely available from the manufacturer or at a price that is quite excessive if they do have them.

For those reasons, I rarely replace motherboards for clients.  On the other hand, if I inherit a laptop with a bad motherboard and it is fairly respectable, I may take a chance on one of these and see if I can make a working (and salable) laptop.
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