how to get data in mvc using http post

say, I have controller method and a corresponding view (see below).

once I load the view, I have a self invoking JavaScript function, that calls the same controller method.
code below, shows the get request, when I test this, I get the value of 1 in the id parameter of my ProcessData method.
in Get request, the data is passed in the query string, which is mapped to my parameter name by ASP.NET ( I guess by the process of model binding). I understand this part.

My question is, if i wanted to do a post request and send a XML data over to the same controller method, how can I achieve this.

In a post request, how do we read data in the controller?

controller -
public ActionResult ProcessData(string id) {          
      return View();

view -

    ViewBag.Title = "test";


@section scripts {
    <script type="text/javascript">
        (function () {
                type: "Get",
                url: '@Url.Action( "ProcessData", "Test")',
                contentType: "application/xml; charset=utf-8",
                data: {id : 1},              
                success: successFunc,
                error: errorFunc
            function successFunc(data, status) {
            function errorFunc() {
novice programmerAsked:
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You can pass it in the same way you pass "id".
Is the xml in a file?
novice programmerAuthor Commented:
@louisfr - it is a XML string.
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novice programmerAuthor Commented:
@louisfr : I tried that and it did work, but not exactly how I expected. In the ajax call, i'm passing it as

 data: {xmldata : xmlString },     and in my controller method , I had to read the inputstream, because the string parameter xmldata was coming as "null".
any thoughts on this?

pubic void ReadRequest(string xmldata){
    var data = this.Request.InputStream;
It may have to do with the size of the data.
I'm going to do some tests to check that.
A ValueProviderFactory may be what you're looking for.
I found an example at
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