Power-on replicated VM without 'conflicting' with the live VM - on the same network. Software License generation based on MAC. Veeeam

I  need to migrate a VM to a new ESXi host. The VM hosts  software which has a license key tied to the MAC address . The new license key will take  24 hours  re-generate - the software cannot be offline that long..

The advice from the Vendor is to replicate the VM to the new host, power-down the existing VM, power-on new VM to get the new 'RegCode' to submit for license generation. Then reverse.

Once the new license code has been generated - power-up the new replicate, enter the new license code..

Is there a way to power-up the replicated VM to get the  'RegCode' without having to power-down the live VM to avoid IP conflicts? The new host is connected to the same networks  and several VM's are make use of the NICS.

Using Veeam.

ADJ WorldSysAdminAsked:
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Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
you could just disconnect the network interface on the VM.    but why not just change the MAC address on the new replica to be the same as the original VM?    it's called MAC address spoofing.    if the license is just tied to the MAC, then you shouldn't have to do anything else.

you could also create a new virtual switch and attach the NIC to the new switch (the switch should only allow communication between the host and the server, or between virtual servers).
ADJ WorldSysAdminAuthor Commented:
I think the license key is not just based on the MAC.

Also, the NIC is already in use by another VM.

Thinking I might just have to power the VM down - unfortunately it hosts a core business app.
Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
the virtual NIC in the new server can be attached to a different virtual switch than the original server - and without interfering with any live servers.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
... and without having an effect on the MAC address or anything inside of the VM, so I also think it to be working.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
This is correct just disconnect or connect the VM to a different network (which is not uplinked to physical nics!)

Don't over think it - simple!

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ADJ WorldSysAdminAuthor Commented:
OK thank you.

Ended up just shutting down the server...
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