Imap to Imap server migration

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Hi I am look for a gui tool for windows to migrate imap email accounts from one server to a new server four our clients.
so i can just put in the mailbox tool and click and go
i would like to also scheduled it to make sure all data is update
Dose not have to be a free tool

We have whm server
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Distinguished Expert 2017
look at imapsync for linux which you could setup to copy.
It would establish a connection to one, and copy them to the other.

From which to which server are you transitioning. using software backup/restore might be an option to backup the file on the old server and restore them on the new.

The difficulty I see is you might be transitioninng from one OS to another OS.

Using outlook will be the other option you create two accounts, and then copy from one to the other. You could have each client do it by having them add the new account into outlook, and then while both exist on outlook copy the messages from one inbox to the other....

if the new server is the same as the old server, but from a different provider, backing/restoring the messages might be a better faster option....
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

You mention imap to imap, which to me implies that you are changing the underlying mail server. Is this the case? If so, I would second Arnold's suggestion to use imapsync. Even though it is not a GUI tool, it is very easy to use, feature rich and more importantly has worked reliably for me on a number of occasions.
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018
I know of no gui tool, onlly imapsync so follow arnolds advice.

One small addition:
There is no need to build a linux environment for this though, it should be possible to run this from windows using:  f.e. CYGWIN.
otherwise a simple VM can do the job as well.

It might run using perl for windows,  as imapsync is written in Perl. YMMV here.
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

Though the question mentions a GUI tool, Arnold's suggestion and noci's additional info should prove useful.

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