VTL - occupation

With reference to the attachment that report the slide of actual occupation of my vtl, can you have a detailed report of how and from wath is occupied with script tsm ?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAsked:
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you can use the following query:

SELECT node_name, stgpool_name, type, CAST(FLOAT(SUM(logical_mb))/1024 AS DEC(8,0)) as GB, SUM(num_files) as Number_of_files FROM occupancy GROUP BY node_name, stgpool_name, type ORDER BY GB DESC

and you may as well filter out only the stgpools you want.

hope this helps
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
I have still a question :

If I sum the totals occupied by each stg I return a value that does not correspond to what is indicated in the attached graph, and precisely from the query I have a total of :


VVR_DBVPM              10661.44
VVR_DEVQUA            46713.23
VVR_INCR                     2439.66
VVR_PROD                 41533.89
VVR_PRODMON       18616.79
VVR_PRODYEA            1428.94
VVR_TOC                          15.05
GRAN TOTAL          121409.00

while from the attached graph I have backup for TiB 170.8= TB 183 , there is a difference about 50TB, why this difference?
this is not that simple as adding up numbers ...

VTL is declaring 170 TB of "Nominal" type, e.g. what it is declared by operating systems at source (VTL is reading the value, not measuring it)

TSM is declaring what it has measured on its stgpools, AFTER its own compression (not the value declared from source).

The only thing I would expect from this analisys is that
TSM declared value <= VTL "Nominal" value

but I believe it is useless to compare those 2 values, which on the contrary are really important when taken each of them into their own realm.

hope this helps
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Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:

I was wondering if I have to apply some cleaning procedure for any backup now outside retention?
No, I don't think there is any cleaning procedure you should do
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
One last thing if I wanted to check for any backup out of retention I can execute the following command:
expire inventory duration=120

Do you confirm that it only removes backups out retention?
"expire inventory" process removes expired file copies from storage pools and tsm db. Removal is based on policy specifications, which you have set into copygroups associated to management classes to which the files are bound.

q copy
for backup files
q copy T=a
for archived files

It is usually scheduled into maintenance script.

Alternatively, it might have been into the server option files:
q opt expinterval

Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:

I have ;

tsm: TSM_7.1>q opt expinterval

Server Option                 Option Setting
-------------------------     -----------------------------------
ExpInterval                   0

How maintenance which type of script can I use?
Can I have an example?

Expinterval=0 means that the expire inventory process is not scheduled into dsmserv.opt file.

So you should have an administrative script scheduled. You can find it out by issuing first:

q sched T=A

which will inform you on admin scheds.

Into the sched there must be a script which you can read by issuing:
q script <script_name> F=R

into one of the scripts there must be a line: "expire inventory"

Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Hi Max,

I have :

tsm: TSM_7.1>q sched T=A
Session established with server TSM_7.1: AIX
  Server Version 7, Release 1, Level 1.100
  Server date/time: 01/16/18   14:40:24  Last access: 01/16/18   14:28:36

*     Schedule Name        Start Date/Time          Duration     Period     Day
-     ----------------     --------------------     --------     ------     ---
      COPIA                04/22/15   12:45:00          1 M                 (*)
      VPM_MONTHLY_1        04/22/15   06:00:00          1 M                 (*)
      VPM_MONTHLY_2        04/22/15   06:00:00          1 M                 (*)
ANR2662I (*) "Query schedule format=standard" displays an asterisk in the day of week column for enhanced
schedules.  The period column is blank.  Issue "query schedule format=detailed" to display complete information
about an enhanced schedule.

tsm: TSM_7.1>q script COPIA F=R
/* Esecuzione attivita amministrative */
ba db dev=vtl_cir t=f w=y
expi i w=y
recl stg VVR_DBVPM th=95 w=y
recl stg VCC_INCR th=50 w=y
recl stg VVR_INCR th=50 w=y
recl stg VVR_TOC th=50 w=y
del volhist t=dbb tod=today
del volhist t=a tod=-30
ba db dev=vtl_vir t=f w=y

tsm: TSM_7.1>q script VPM_MONTHLY_1 F=R
gen backupset VPM_139,VPM_H90 luglio dev=VTL_VSR ret=366 w=y

tsm: TSM_7.1>q script VPM_MONTHLY_2 F=R
gen backupset VPM149P luglio dev=VTL_VSR ret=366 w=y
gen backupset VPM169P,VPM129P luglio dev=VTL_VSR ret=366 w=y
gen backupset VPM139D,VPM149D,VPM169D luglio dev=VTL_VIR ret=92 w=y
gen backupset VPM031D,VPM090D,VPM129D luglio dev=VTL_VIR ret=92 w=y

There is not aline with "expire inventory", can I add a schedule with this?
you already have it !

expi i w=y

tsm accepts cut unambiguos commands: it would be

expire inventory wait=yes


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Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:

Thks Max
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
The support is fine
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