Auto Service Start Issue

Hi EE,

Recently , we had a admin accidentally change the domain policy and it of course affected the access rights. We were able to recover , however , one fallout is if a server is rebooted , some auto start services require the password to be submitted before it starts. The logon as a service right is granted to the service user account, but same issue . This is windows server 2012 environment.

Pls Advise.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You need to get into the event log of an affected server(s) and find out why these services are not starting, troubleshooting one will probably get the fix form all of them if it is GPO related,

I would suggest looking at;
  • Log on as a service
  • Deny log on as a service
  • Log on as part on the operating system
  • Deny log on as part of the operating system
  • Log on as a batch Job
  • Deny Log on as a batch job

Open an MMC console and add the 'resultant set of policy' snap-in, run it and the culprit should jump out at you :)

davesnbAuthor Commented:
perfect, thanks
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