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Hi All,

I am searching for a support system for a small team of around 10 users.  The features that I would like are:

Integrate with our website so that users can log and create/update support requests;
Create groups for support requests;
Real-time instant messaging;
Customer Database;
Mobile phone app;
Used with a support email address;
To be installed locally;

I have tested many systems but cannot find a system with all these features.  I am looking for something that we can host and pay an annual support fee for.

Any help and suggestions would be great.

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Stacy RichardDirector of Member Experience  


I am following up on your question.  Do you still need help?

If you solved the problem on your own, would you please post the solution here in case others have the same problem?


Stacy Richard
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No it is still an open question.
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I have used smartertrack and it does everything you want.  This will run you about $1200 a year. I have used smarter tools for the past 15 years, they are constantly upgrading and they are good stable products. It runs on it's own mini web server or you can run it as a site on iis. It does require a windows server.

Another product I have used is osTicket It does not come out of the box with a mobile app but there is one over at  It also does not have a chat application but there are plenty you can use.  

If you are managing computer/device users, check out or  These two products may take more time to install and manage.  Smarter tools was very simple as was osticket.


Smartertrack looks pretty decent to me and has the features that i was after.

Thanks for your help.

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