Libre Office Calc - How Do I Evaluate A Partial Formula (As For F9 In Excel)

Hi All,

I am using Libre Office Calc (Version on a machine, and I want to be able to check part of a formula by evaluating it.

In Excel, you can select the part of the formula in the formula bar, press F9, and it will evaluate the result, replacing that section of the formula with the value (numeric, text, error or whatever), and leaving the remainder of the formula as it was.

How do I do that in Libre Office Calc?


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AlanConsultantAuthor Commented:
I found the answer myself, but might be useful to leave here for others that may follow.

It is similar to Excel - you select the portion of the formula, press F9, but instead of it being replaced in the formula, it is displayed in a black box nearby.

Hope that helps others.

AlanConsultantAuthor Commented:
Similar to Excel - press F9.
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