ASP.NET Core Web Application Template for VB.NET

juliojesus used Ask the Experts™
Can someone tell me where is the ASP.NET Core Web Application template?
It's there for C# but is missing for VB.NET
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What version of VS?


VS 2017 15.5.3
"    Support for Visual Basic

    In addition to supporting C# and F#, 15.3 now also supports using Visual Basic to develop .NET Core apps. Our aim with Visual Basic this release was to enable .NET Standard 2.0 class libraries. This means Visual Basic only offers templates for class libraries and console apps at this time, while C# and F# also include templates for ASP.NET Core 2.0 apps. Keep an eye on this blog for updates."

Here is some info on how you can do this if you cant wait for Microsoft to have a template:
Yes there is no template for VB right now, that is why I suggest the links I Provided.

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