Any effect on a TrueCrypt volume open and the computers freezes

We have a user that has a a 360gb TrueCrypt volume in his my documents.  The computer has the TC volume open up when the computer starts, every time .  However, when he logs out from his computer or when an apps or Windows is updated and required restart, the user never dismount the volume.  We understand that there is an option (and it is checked) in TC where it automatically dismounts its volumes when a user is logged-off (we assume also when shutting down), but what happens when the computer halts or "freezes" when there is no reactions from keyboard or mouse and the user is force to restart or power off the device?

There has been no complaints as to the TC volume until now - last night some files could not be found within the volume.

what happens to the TC volume when a forced restart without dismounting the volume?
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Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
If it hangs during an operation to the mounted volume some corruption might occur.

For what it is worth, I would not use TrueCrypt. Is has unresolved security issues and was discontinued in 2014

Perhaps replace with VeraCrypt

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Asked (by you) and answered here already:

No worries about restarts. No dismounting needed - full disk encryption does not make you change your behavior.
janaAuthor Commented:
Found your reply in that question where you say "It's not that fragile, It is still a normal volume.".

That said, when a computer is forced a restart due to it stop working, any open volume is treated just like any hard drive? no special treatmenat to the TC volume? - like you says, "no worries"?
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Sorry, I will not repeat myself a 4th time. If you feel better with an unmounted volume, please use full partition encryption instead of containers.
Edited the above comment for clarification.
janaAuthor Commented:
If you feel you are repeating yourself, and that bothers you, then don't help me, it's ok.
You saw my edit, I hope? TrueCrypt Archives that big are rare for a reason, so I cannot speak in confidence that nothing will ever happen to it if you never unmount. That is why I would definitely encrypt the whole partition, or, even better, the whole machine. Easier to handle and more secure and surely no problems unmounting .
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