roaming profile - logon /logoff time 15mins

Hi, guess i been posting multiple questions lately regarding roaming profiles. got one more to it.

 i got roaming profiles deployed using the profile path in AD in server 2008R2

just for one user, the logoff takes 15mins and logoff takes another 15mins.

i did some work, found her profile is about 15GB. issue might be , every time when she tries to login, its taking time to set up profile. and when logoff its trying to sync to server.

how do i solve this time issue? is it something should i ask her to move files to different location or any other way to make  logon/off faster ?
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15 GB is quiet big size for roaming profile as entire profile get downloaded on machine during logon
also if delta to be synced is large from workstation to profile share during log off, it will again take more time
better you move user data to network share and keep profile size as minimum as possible
u may deploy folder redirection
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
That is typical behaviour unless you also use folder redirection as when logon the entire profile has to be loaded onto the client machine and then saved back when logging off.
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
This article has some ideas of excluding directories that would sync by other means like dropbox folders or personal files like pictures and music...
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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Mr.XAuthor Commented:
Hi, does it download the profile everytime when computer logson ? does the workstation not keep a local cache and download only the updated files from server ?
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Local cache is for when there is no network connection... Everytime I have used them they are slow... Even on gigabit networks... Why I switched to folder redirection...
I don't care if the user has access to every silly setting and their wallpaper, as long as they have their files...
When 1st time u enable roaming profile for user in AD, it actually copies existing local profile to profile share
after that when user logs off, delta changes get synced to profile share, if user logon to new workstation now after initial creation of roaming profile, it will download entire profile from remote share
after that for subsequent logins user try to connect to profile share and if connected, it start verification sync for all items stored locally with server copy during logon and log off, delta get synced to server and finally he logs off
this is why it takes much time to load / unload roaming profile and if size is big, it take much time as far I know hence u should keep roaming profile size low as far as possible

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Also if network connectivity is not available during logon, machine logon with cached copy but it also take much time as it tries to connect network share until timeout reaches
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