Replace the content excel formulas

We are working on an excel file which has more data and need to replace data with a specific column.

Excel  1
A - contains  primary data--- let's say 1000005
B - Contains secondary data- Let's say, Customer name
C-  Output required with customers full name or ignore blank in 'D"

D-  Contains customers full name few are blank.

we used =D2  to replace the content of Column D to Column C, under the filter option...but it messed up the excel.
Tried sorting and use the same messed up again

A - contains both Text and General as the numeric begins with "zero"

Suggest an option.
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CPHAuthor Commented:
There is no viewership hence closing the question
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Can you upload a sample file (maybe with fake data) showing the problem for better understanding.
B HaydenCommented:
The example file shows both 'Sam' and 'Josephine' having the same customer reference. Is this intentional or an error?
CPHAuthor Commented:
Hi Hayden,

It is not an error. Let's assume we have a company under the partnership, and the partners reflect the company. Hence the company has a unique ID, which will reflect twice on the partner details.
CPHAuthor Commented:
There is no solution provided ...hence closed
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