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I need to be able to import a csv file into an access table while allowing the user to browse to the file.  I have a file picker dialog process that allows the user to do so and although the process runs without any error messages, no data is imported.  

I am aware of how to create an import specification and running the saved import from the external data tab works, but I need to be able to run this from the user interface and the file path will not always be the same, nor will the file name.
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Disregard.  I figured this out.  I have been staring at this for way too long.  I had some code that deletes the import if certain criteria aren't met after running some custom checks.  I had temporarily commented out the custom stuff I had in there but forgot to comment out the code that deletes the import.  It was importing correctly and then immediately deleting.  I hate it when I do dumb stuff.  I have it working now.

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