Exchange 2013 database fails over to passive node intermittenly

We have 2 servers running exchange 2013 which are in a DAG setup.
For the past week or so, every once in a while the active server will fail the dbs over to the passive node. I don't see anything in the event viewer to indicate what the issue maybe. Not sure if it is a network issue or what but once I see it has failed over, I just fail it back and then it is good again for some time.
Any suggestions on what I can check for this issue?
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
do you have any auto database distribution script running in background?

OR you are saying that all DBs are getting moved?
In that case you must be having some network issues either on replication NIC or production NIC
why node.js and javascript topics ?
vmichAuthor Commented:
Sorry did not see this went to java and java scripts topics
vmichAuthor Commented:
network issue
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