407 Proxy Authentication Required: npm@latest

How  can  I   run  NPM  commands behind a company  corporate proxy server?I tried to google online with no  success.
npm config set proxy http://xxx.cc.zz:8080
npm config set https-proxy http://xxx.cc.zz:8080
Frank DannyAsked:
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could you confirm this proxy allow anonymous access ?
Frank DannyAuthor Commented:
Thank you @leakim971.How can I confirm that?
just try with a not corporate browser (not configured) for example, check a browser config or using shell with wget :

export http_proxy=http://xxx.cc.zz:8080
wget http://some.website.com/path/to/file.zip
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did you try my last suggestion?
Frank DannyAuthor Commented:
@leakim971..Thank you again for your help..The proxy doesn't allow  anonymous access.
if you've a user and password, the following should work :
npm config set proxy http://user:password@xxx.cc.zz:8080
npm config set https-proxy http://user:password@xxx.cc.zz:8080

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Frank DannyAuthor Commented:
@leakin971....Unfornately I don't  have the password. I  think I need  to raise this with  System  Admin and see what they can do. What is your opinion on this? If I don't have a password and proxy  doesn't accept  annonymous
I'm agree with you, just ask him to create a dedicated user for you. depending the proxy it can limit time and target domains.
or go to old way, manual install by downloading with browser... lot of work for nothing...

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Frank DannyAuthor Commented:
They let me use their  internal  registry  which is  fine.It works  well,.....so basically I have to configure  ,npmrc  file  to work  with their  internal  repo.Thank  you again@Leakim971
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