Creating a map of all the places I go whilst on holiday

I am a heavy user of offline Google Maps when I'm travelling. Is there was way I can tell Google Maps to constantly monitor where I am and create a line on a map to show all my movements?

I'm pretty sure that Google Maps is always collecting this data anyway for its own purposes, so I don't think there is a privacy consideration here.

If this isn't possible with Google Maps, is there any 3rd party app that could do this? If so I would still want the map created in Google Maps format so that I could open it in My Maps.

meirionwylltSenior Desktop EngineerAsked:
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Roy WeilConnect With a Mentor ownerCommented:
a multi step process would be to

1) record the data by using the Strava application, or if using a GPS device, save the track
2) export the Strava/GPS data to a .gpx file
3) convert the .gpx file into a .kml file
4) Load the .kml into MyMaps
meirionwylltSenior Desktop EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Roy, I'll give that a go and report back
meirionwylltSenior Desktop EngineerAuthor Commented:
Good stuff Roy, I got that to work pretty easily, and only needed three steps rather than 4.

1)  This step was straightforward - I downloaded the Android app and recorded a test route easily.  I found it gave other useful information too, such as elevation and pace.
2)  I couldn't find a way of doing this on the Strava Android app - perhaps it's not possible - but I logged onto website and found the Export GPX option pretty easily.
3)  (This step was not needed)
4)  I was able to import the GPX file directly into Google MyMaps

Overall I'd say an excellent solution to my query. Thanks again.
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