Issues with 'If' statement - excel

Not sure my logic is correct with this, but I thought i would give it a go. I have used an IF OR statement and then on the true variable embedded an IF AND statement. Within the attached spreadsheet, cells D13 and D14 I check 1st for validity - in the example I have given, the values fall within the true range so should then calculate the exponential - this is not happening. In cell G16 I have checked what I believe the output should be for the below. Within the worksheet I have embedded an image of the calculations I am trying to automate. i decided to start with those circled in red with 1 and then check 2....


Thanks in advance, Paul
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=IF(AND(D13>=-1.5, D13<=0,D14<=2, D14 >0),D16*EXP(D17*D13),0)
vipamanAuthor Commented:
Excellent. Just done some validation checks - I understand your variables but don't understand how you can embed 4 variables. You have managed to remove the OR variable?
Now you have 2 cases:
1. AND: -1.5 <= D13 <=0, 0 < D14 <= 2          - calculate S
2. All other cases                                              - S = 0
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