Can access a device by https but cannot ping it

Hi We can access the device Opengear by https, but cannot ping it. ACL might be a reason. In addition to ACL, any thing else can cause the issue? Thank you
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Bad cables, interface saturated.
Issue show interface ethernet x/y on involved interfaces and check for errors.
Also control plane or QoS can limit ping amount, so it can be OK if there are no errors  under interfaces and some pings are lost (ping can be configured as low priority traffic or control plane is limiting icmp rate).
You can capture traffic and analyze it in Wireshark. Check for duplicated ACKs, duplicated packets etc.
If there is a firewall in network - icmp not permitted or not inspected. On PC itself firewall ICMP blocked (permitted only from device outside (all traffic is typically permitted to outside. Network zone marked as Public.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You might run a traceroute to the IP address and see where it ends.  That may lend some insight.
I believe the most likely result is that the server doesn't respond to ICMP / ping.
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eemoonAuthor Commented:
we have two Opengears, which are supposed to be accessed by ping. Now the first one cannot be accessed by ping. second one is normal as before. yes I agree with Fred. I will try traceroute. but they might be in the same vlan. if so, traceroute cannot work
eemoonAuthor Commented:
Found the topology, which is like this: N7K ----- N5K -----Opengear(OG). HSRP ip: in N7K, which is connected to OG, N5K is layer2. So trying tracetroute is useless here as they are in the same vlan.  but I got to know why N7K cannot ping OG. Actually N7K can ping OG, but the  ping loss rate is 3-4%. that is why https access looks Ok, and Ping is not Ok.

Now question is what can cause the ping loss?  I think most possibility is an issue of OG interface,which is connected to N5K, Do you think so?
eemoonAuthor Commented:
Thank you engineer. i got it. it is end device interface issue
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