Render a Razor Page to string in ASP.NET Core 2 - NullReferenceException

Posted on 2018-01-13
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Last Modified: 2018-01-13
With inspiration from https://ppolyzos.com/2016/09/09/asp-net-core-render-view-to-string/ I tried to make an service to render Razor pages to a string.

It seems like page.ViewContext.View is empty and results in a nullreferenceexception. How do i fix this?

var result = await _pageRenderService.RenderPageToStringAsync("Index", viewModel);

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The service:
   public interface IPageRenderService
        Task<string> RenderPageToStringAsync(string pageName, object model);
    public class PageRenderService : IPageRenderService
        private readonly IRazorViewEngine _razorViewEngine;
        private readonly ITempDataProvider _tempDataProvider;
        private readonly IServiceProvider _serviceProvider;
		private readonly IHttpContextAccessor _httpContext;
		private readonly IActionContextAccessor _actionContext;
        public PageRenderService(
			IRazorViewEngine razorViewEngine,
            ITempDataProvider tempDataProvider,
            IServiceProvider serviceProvider,
			IHttpContextAccessor httpContext,
			IActionContextAccessor actionContext
            _razorViewEngine = razorViewEngine;
            _tempDataProvider = tempDataProvider;
            _serviceProvider = serviceProvider;
			_httpContext = httpContext;
			_actionContext = actionContext;
		public async Task<string> RenderPageToStringAsync(string pageName, object model)
			var tempData = new TempDataDictionary(_httpContext.HttpContext, _tempDataProvider);

			var viewDictionary = new ViewDataDictionary(new EmptyModelMetadataProvider(), new ModelStateDictionary())
				Model = model

			var actionContext = new ActionContext(

			var page = _razorViewEngine.FindPage(actionContext, pageName).Page;
			if (page == null)
				throw new ArgumentNullException($"Sorry! {pageName} does not match any available page");

			using (var sw = new StringWriter())
				// TODO seemingly the page.ViewContext.View is empty and results in a nullreferenceexception
				page.ViewContext = new ViewContext(
						new HtmlHelperOptions()
				page.ViewContext.ViewData = viewDictionary;
				await page.ExecuteAsync();
			return page.BodyContent.ToString();

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Question by:Ole Kristian Losvik

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