Access 2016 Adding third subform and would like to be able to show on invoice

Bill MacDonald
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I have a form setup to allow for Product, Service and Other. Three Sub forms. I would like to be able to create a invoice that shows the three sub forms. I used the following in the past to display two. IIf([IsProductCode],"Product","Service" What do I need to change this to to show all three?
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Only you know if, how, why, or when either of the subforms or a combination of these or all should be displayed.
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On this:


 What your saying right now is if "IsProductCode" is true, then it's a product.   If it's false, it's a service.

 So the question is, what tells you that it's "other"?    If nothing, then you'll need to add something to indicate that.  What I would do is change "IsProductCode" from a True/False to a single character text field, with either P, S, or O in it.


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