Will finding an efficient way to Re-Schedule the binary structure of a file in order to describe the sequence and eliminate the redundant portions would reduce the final volume?

If we consider the included image, namely that the structure of the binary data obtained after treatment seems to be completely regular and more repeated in similar parts until the end of the file, can we consider being able to definitively free ourselves from identical elements within each slice and thus no longer need to store them?
Re-Scheduling the Binary Structure of a File to Reduce its Final Volume

Thank in advance for your opinion .. ... .....

Best regards,
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I don't understand what you mean by rescheduling in the context of cryptography or file compression.  

But the concept you are describing sounds very similar to Huffman Encoding and other classic lossless data compression algorithms that reduce the redundancy in a data file or stream.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
My opinion is that this is an advertisement set up so you can get around the TOS here.
Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
Please, do you just stop slandering our proceedings on EE.

We do not advertise here, we do not sell products and we are even not the publisher of this software. (Screenshot)

This is just a graphic illustration of what we are talking about reordering the binary data structure (Re-Scheduling) a file to possibly consider reducing the final volume of data by comparing similarities.

With a lot of repetitive great similarities, we could potentially reduce the volume of final information by a relative percentage to the repeted similarities ?

TRUE or NOT ???

Can we definitely not expose any information on research and / or technical discovery on EE without it being perceived as an attempt of misleading advertising or other ?!

Know that we have been a paying member on EE for several years only in order to consult real experts in their respective fields and get serious advice and recommendations without wasting time.

We are neither looking to win points on EE nor in a phase of commercial action!

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

P.S. Very Welcome to all technical opinions ;)
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Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
Once again thank you to d-glitch for his comments always so relevant ;)
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
All of your posts that I have seen so far have a request for the reader to download files from your web site.  This one just does in the text of the video link that you posted.
Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
No, this is not a request to download anything on our website.

Everyone has the opportunity to do it if they wish and anyway everything is in "BETA" phase and moreover everything is FREE so do not come seek a commercial strategy where there is no money at stake about our publications on EE!

On the other hand we are really disappointed to have to have this kind of discussion here because our goal is only the sharing of a part of our work and our umble knowledge and discoveries in order to obtain technical and scientific opinions from real serious people.

We have been doing projects for many years under the Ex0 label with all our skills and knowledge, and we have clearly seen that after asking questions, always comes the time when we have to show evidence of what we are doing by POC or POW.

Concerningr ALL current projects under the label Ex0-SyS, we have taken the lead by realizing proof of concepts and works in the form of softwares in free beta versions so that it is more elaborate and more accessible to the largest number of users (testers) than only some POC/POW simple schemes.

For example, the free software named Alph@TaV-Vault (trial-extendable) is a proof of work of a security concept and not a software that we seek to sell on EE.

If you visit our wesite www.ex0.ch, you will find that on the first page we also provide a toolbar for Verification and Generation of Prime Numbers (currently up to 200 digits / very soon 512 digits), as well as an original design based on a Customizable Sequence of Prime Numbers (top) as well as a Global NON-Customizable sequence (bottom) which allows visually identifying TWINS, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE & SEXY primes.

This is obviously completely free .. ... ..... NO ?!?!?

We have also graciously published a list of the first 100'000'000 Prime Numbers ranked in order with their exact position we generated in 22:22:22 (..: 21.94 ..) thanks to our own tools and algorithms on a single CPU-Core clocked at 2.93 Ghz.

Again we sell nothing ..... ... ..

So at the end, please would you reconsider the difference between advertising and sharing knowledge to obtain a real external and serious point of view ;)

And apart from that, seriously, no opinion on what is meant by getting a data whose binary sequence is EXACTLY THE SAME with very few differences from the beginning to the end of the output produced file ???

Thanks for your remarks.

Data Compression is an active and robust part of Computer Science, maybe even rivaling Cryptography.

The obvious benefits of data compression are the potential savings in storage space for data and bandwidth for communication.  But this goes back to Shannon and Fano (one of my teachers) in the 1950's.

However, I do agree with Dave Baldwin. Whether or not you have a product to sell at this time, you certainly seem to be focused on flogging your website and algorithms. I don't think it is going to be very effective.

As far as sharing knowledge goes, it isn't clear that you have any contribution cryptography, primes, or data compression. If you aren't sharing algorithms, you aren't really talking.

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