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certificate issue

i have successfully migrated from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010.  All the users are getting certificate errors. how can i fix this?

We have to click on yes 2 times before it starts working. IS there a workaround?
Please see attached
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you need to get a new certificate that includes the name of the server you just migrated to
sounds like you used the same certificate on the new server that the old server had
either that or purchase a wildcard certificate that can be used on any of your servers in the domain
Like Seth said, If you did migration probably new server has different name so old server certificate has old name.

Now you need to make sure your new server name is in certificate along with and same information you've updated on local and public DNS. make sure you have A record, MX record and TXT record set correctly with new Exchange name
HI Member_2_6474242,
Please check this article to fix the error.
Please use this if you want to reissue/rekey. For Easy CSR generation.

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the name of the server is correct but my domain changed. we own 2 domains. xxx and yyy. my server is on xxx domain but i want to receive emails for yyy  domain which i have added as accepted domain in exchange 2010
i just realized that the certificate mentions yyy domain. would this cause issues? what can i do to fix this? do i have to authoritative for a domain for it to work as yyy is in google cloud
Yes, certificate is for sending emails (for OWA and Outlook connection to mailbox) not for receiving.
Your certificate must much primary domain name
the name of the server is correct but my domain changed

again, goes back to my first comment
the certificate has to match the server name
if they don't match, users will get that error
get a new certificate that matches the server name and apply to the exchange services
OK I have managed to get the external domain solved but i was told that there are no certificates for local. I am currently facing the same issue but for outlook clients on LAN.Any suggestions?

It works like a charm from external now
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I have followed the article above and now my internal owa doesn't work. Certificate errors has been solved

External url is not working and outlook certificate errors have been resolved

I did as the articles said but nothing worked, i had to recreate my DNS zone for my domain, after this i restarted my server and it worked like a charm

Thanks MAS
Thanks MAS for your assistance