How Do I Proceed with High Sierra Instal Delay?

I began the Mac OS High Sierra installation at 3:30 this afternoon. It has currently been running for four hours, making no progress on the installation.

The progress bar has been stuck in the same spot since about 15 minutes in and it reads, “Installation is in progress. Calculating time remaining...”

Is this normal?

Do I shut my computer down? Do I wait it out?
Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAsked:
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It is not normal, but I would wait it out. Leave it running overnight.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Wait, wait, wait.
It should not take so long BUT I'd give it 12+hrs before assuming it is hung/stalled.  If after 12 hours the screen is unchanged you'll HAVE to reboot and see where things stand.

Did you take a backup or run TimeMachine before you started the installation??  You may need it to recover if things have gone wrong.

Hopefully it resolved by waiting a bit longer.
Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
It never moved so I turned it off. Waited about 20 minutes and started in safe mode as other questions suggested. Now it won't actually start up. It keeps saying "your computer restarted because of a problem, please press a key or wait a few minutes to continue" and it does this on repeat.
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Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
Now I can't get it out of safe mode. I also have a symbol that just popped up that looks like the no smoking sign. And it keeps chiming to start up, giving me the error screen, chiming again on repeat
Try booting while holding down command-r and choose the option to re-install the operating system.

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Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
Thank you, strung, for that suggestion. I got back to the reinstall option. During the reboot I'd been disconnected from the internet so I am connected again and reinstalling now.
Contacted Apple and they said sometimes the device will disconnect from the internet during the reboot portion of the installation, causing it to freeze. I will see if it works this time.
Erin, did you mean to accept your own comment as the solution? I think I deserve some points.
Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
I did not, I am waiting to get back online on my computer to fix that. Hold tight
Erin WestContent Marketer & CopywriterAuthor Commented:
Strung, you should see your solution as "best" now. I did put mine as assisted since I had to contact Apple in the process and found out about the connectivity issues.
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